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Picture by André Smits

Annï Mertens is a Luxembourgish artist currently living in Gent, Belgium. 
She grew up in Luxembourg and pursued her studies later on at the HKU in Utrecht, Netherlands where she graduated in Fine Arts in July 2019. After doing a Premaster in Architecture at ArtEz and working in Utrecht she moved to Gent to deepen her practice by doing a Master of Fine Arts in the Ceramic and Glass department at LUCA School of Arts.

She works mainly with ceramics,wood, found objects and a healthy dose of humour.
Her intuitive way of working, the play with material, size and colour,allow her to enlarge her toolkit of shapes, material and visual effects. Oncethe individual sculptures are grouped together on diverse structures,they form a theater of the absurd. The works can be site specific,relating to their environment while the artist herself, is looking forunexpected placements and connections in the space. Each set up isan ever evolving scene, as the sculptures seek new combinations withone another. At first, it seems like a rather static sculptural landscapebut in fact Annï Mertens is looking for movement and dynamic withinthe installation. These movements find translation into twisted formsof ceramic objects by hanging, stretching, squeezing and leaning onthe spatial construction.

Her sculptural work embraces both abstraction and disfiguration,same as precision and looseness. The viewer follows the trails ofcolour and a personally developed visual language inviting into animaginary surrounding. Some pieces are left unglazed, exposing theearthy colours and textures of clay, while others are covered withvibrantly bright glazes. 

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